We Provide The Sweat, You Enjoy The Equity

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Welcome back to the Bridgeway Property Management blog. In our last blog post, we gave you several reasons to hire our property management company as your Toronto property manager. We gave you four excellent ways that we will make your life as an investment property owner easier. Today, we turn our attention to your property. Here are several ways that we help houses for rent become successful investment properties.

  1. Expert property managers – We have personal experience as residential investment property owners in and around Toronto, so we are very tuned into the market demands, trends, ebbs, and flows. Your property will benefit because we know what will need to be done to attract great tenants.
  2. Comprehensive screening process – Undesirable tenants can do more than just cut your profit margin, they can ruin an investment. As your property management company, we know it is imperative to have responsible tenants who care for the property and pay on time.
  3. Around the clock maintenance –  We are always on call and available so you don’t have to be. Over the past decade, we have built an incredible network of experienced vendors and tradespeople who can handle preventive maintenance and emergency repair work. Our properties do not have to sit and wait until the owner gets enough time to do the repairs.
  4. Regular property inspections –  We personally will visit your property for routine inspections. Through this, we can document and report to you on any red flags before they become major problems.
  5. Keeping on top of expenses –  All recurring bills are set to pay automatically so you never miss a payment and never have to pay a late fee. This service alone saves many property owners a substantial amount of money during the course of the year.

Put us to work for you so you can concentrate on your family, work, and fun. At Bridgeway Property Management, we take care of the sweat so you can enjoy the equity.