Bridgeway Will Show You The Way

dreamstime_xxl_20868100We have the property management solutions for Toronto property owners. As your property manager, we at Bridgeway Property Management work hard to ensure your investment is maintained and profitable. Our team is located central to downtown Toronto, so we are close to the city’s rental market. There are many other great reasons to hire Bridgeway as your property management company. In fact, there are so many reasons to hire us to manage your property, we had to make this into a two part blog series to fit them all in. Today, in part one, we are going to examine how Bridgeway Property Management will take care of you, the property owner.

  1. Dedicated and experienced property managers – We have over a decade of experience in property management in the Toronto area. This is what we do. Our experience in the field has equipped us for the challenges that face today’s property managers.
  2. Concise financial reporting –  Our accounting proficiency is at your disposal. You get a clear, concise financial picture of your property, which is available  for your secure online viewing at any time of day.
  3. Getting paid is a piece of cake –  Each month, we do all the work for you from collecting the rent, to paying the bills and depositing the profits directly into your bank account. Our property management accounting is always on-time and on the money.
  4. Family owned and operated –  Our clients are partners with us in our business. Our success is dependent on your success. We do everything in our power to make your property perform well for you. Since we are working for you, individualized attention and local expertise are the hallmarks of our customer service.

At Bridgeway Property Management, we are here to help you with your investment property. In part two, we will discuss specific ways our management approach will directly benefit your property.