How To Make Your Rental Property Appear Larger

As a landlord, you want to be doing everything you can to get the most out of your investment property. This means that you’re putting the time and effort into all aspects of the property.  When your property is well taken care of, your tenants will respect this, enjoy their space and give you little, to no hassle at all.  One way to make your property look great when you’re beginning to showcase it to potential new tenants is to create a space that looks larger than it really is.  Those looking at the space will be aware of the square footage, but will be surprised at just how roomy a small space can be.


  • The first thing is to use bright colors.  Bright colors reflect the light in the space much better than dark colors.  It’s extremely helpful for opening up the space.  Not only that, bright colors are much better for the psyche, giving the impression that it’s a pleasant space to be in.
  • Another thing to consider for opening up your small space is to utilize natural light.  When doing a walk through with a tenant, be sure to open the blinds, and use light colored curtains, like white or taupe.  Also, consider installing skylights in the smaller spaces in the rental property if possible, so as to really bring in the natural light.
  • Utilize storage space properly, incorporating shelving systems if you’re able.  Smaller properties tend to have smaller closets and so this means organizing and decluttering are really necessary.
  • Use multi-functional furniture.  For instance, a Murphy bed that also serves as a desk is a great way to turn one space into two.  Another great piece of multi functional furniture is an ottoman that is also a storage space, or a coffee table that lifts up with storage underneath.
  • The use of mirrors throughout the home is a great way to extend the look of the space.  This is because it gives off an illusion of a continued space.  They’re also a great way to decorate, as well as reflect all that natural light that your property has.

If you’re looking to showcase your rental property to prospective new tenants and want it to look its best, we recommend following these tips for maximizing the available space.  It’s a great way to show potential tenants what the possibilities are for the space available.  If you need help in finding great tenants to occupy your investment property, contact our Toronto property management company, we would be happy to help.