Why Cleaning Your Eavestroughs Is Important

Being a property owner is a huge commitment that requires dedication and time.  While you may have your own home to think about, you also need to pay special attention to the rental property you own.  Fortunately there are property management companies that provide that dedication and time required to care for your rental property.  You’ll want your property manager to be on top of all regular maintenance tasks and repair issues.  Every year there comes a time when the outside of your property needs special attention, and one of those exterior necessities is to have your eavestroughs cleaned out.  Why is this necessary?

A close up of a rain gutter filled with fall leaves

  • Avoid Larger Problems – eavestroughs serve the purpose of moving moisture away from your property.  As Fall and Winter come and go, you may get a buildup of leaves and debris, and with every storm there may come a new deposit.  If the eavestroughs are blocked, this prevents proper drainage and gutters that are weighed down can pull away from the roof, allowing water to drain behind the trough and potentially create the risk of interior water damage.
  • Simple Upkeep – A part of taking quality care of your property is making sure that you stay on top of all chores. Cleaning out those eavestroughs not only helps with the appearance of your property, but it’s a preventative measure to protect against unnecessary damage.  There is always the option of installing gutter guards which keeps debris out but allows water to flow through.

Taking care of the eavestroughs on your rental property is essential to the health of your investment.  It helps to avoid larger issues, as well as keeping the rental property looking clean and tidy.  For more information and tips on cleaning your eavestroughs, talk to your Top Rated Local® property management company in Toronto today.