Waste Disposal Areas

Welcome back!  In our last blog we talked about the importance of disposing of waste in the appropriate bins and how it’s not only required, but also helpful to the planet.  We talked about how each tenant, or property is required to have three separate bins, a grey one for garbage, a blue one for recycling, and a green one for compost.  But what happens after it is all sorted?


RacoonGarbageOnce you’ve filled your indoor bin, it has to go somewhere, right?  Generally it should go outside, some prefer to put it in their garage, others prefer a shed.  But if you do not have the luxury of these enclosures to store the waste bins in, you need to do your part to ensure those outdoor areas remain tidy, clean and stench free.  It’s important that you protect your waste area from animals, particularly raccoons.

Raccoons are scavengers and are always on the lookout for food.  Trash tends to be a great way for them to get food, that is when property owners and tenants leave it unprotected.  A great way to protect your waste from becoming a huge mess from hungry animals is by animal proofing your waste area.  Here are some ways you can do that.

  • Get an Enclosure – Rather than construct an unsightly DIY chicken wire and wooden enclosure, why not hire the experts to construct one.  There has become quite a demand for this type of enclosure in the City since the introduction of the large bins in combination with the persistent wildlife trying to get into those bins.  These enclosures are attractive and serve their purpose keeping animals out while allowing you the ease of accessing the bins.
  • Secure the Bins Lids –  Your bins should allow for attaching a type of locking device to keep pesky critters out, like bungee cords or specially designed raccoon clips.  Be sure to secure your bins each and every time you dispose of waste and this will ensure the area stays tidy and clean.

If you’re interested in installing a waste area that is raccoon proof on the outside of your property, talk to your landlord or property management company. If you live in multi-unit building, make sure you’re doing your part to dispose of waste properly, your fellow tenants and landlord will appreciate your cooperation.

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