The Most Important Things Your Investment Property Needs Part II

Welcome back, in one of our March blogs we discussed the importance that marketing and dedication plays in the success of your rental property.  Getting your property noticed is huge for attracting good tenants, and dedication is vital for keeping good tenants.  And while those two aspects play an integral role in the success of your rental, there are many aspects that will also come into play.  So what are they?blog34121apr1

  • Screening Process – When searching for tenants it’s important that you go through each application with a fine toothed comb.  Taking time to make sure they would be a good neighbour and tenant is vital because tenants can make or break your property.  Make sure to do a thorough  background check; talk to their references to find out what type of tenant they were, if they paid their rent on time, or if there were multiple complaints.
  • Inspections – This is extremely important to making sure your property isn’t suffering during the time of your current tenants’ residency.  Performing inspections allows you to get an idea of how well the current tenants are keeping the rental, as well as find out if they are doing anything illegal in your rental property.

So while making sure that you’re dedicated to your rental property with frequent inspections, marketing, and screening processes, this will help to ensure that you have the best tenants around.  If you need help with these processes, you can hire a property management company in Toronto.  In fact, go ahead and give the property managers at Bridgeway Property Management a call today, to see how they can help you with your investment property.