Tenant Requirements Regarding Damages

In our last blog we talked about the requirements a tenant has to the property in which they reside.  We mostly focused on the aspect of cleanliness and clutter and how each tenant is required to keep their home clean, both inside and out.  It’s also important that the tenants practice safe habits such as not leaving fire lit items unattended, and making sure heated appliances are turned off after use.  While these requirements may seem like a given, many people tend to forget about them.  So as we have said before, the list of tenant obligations is a long one, so here are some more things for tenants to take into consideration.


A huge responsibility the tenant owes to their rental apartment or rental house is to repair any damages brought on by their own actions.  This also means that the tenant is also responsible for the cost of the repair. Not only does the tenant have to pay for repairs done to the apartment, they also have to pay for damages done to the common areas like parking lots, breezeways and hallways, if they were caused by said tenant.  Furthermore, damage caused by a guest of the tenant is also the responsibility of the tenants. While accidents may happen, it’s important to understand that the landlord is not responsible for your mistakes, so even if the damage was done unintentionally, the tenant must repair that damage.  In some cases, if the damage is not repaired, the landlord may have grounds for evictions.

Being a responsible and respectful tenant is expected of you, and it doesn’t take that much effort.  However it will be greatly appreciated by your neighbours and landlord if you’re respectful of each other’s space.  For more information regarding rental properties, contact Bridgeway Property Management today.