How To Be The Best Neighbour And Tenant


Being a good neighbour and a good tenant often go hand in hand. Making sure that you have a good reputation with the people that live around you is extremely important. What is just as important, though, is making sure your landlord or property management company is fond of you as well. The only difference is your neighbours can’t charge you for damages to the property, but they can report you. So why not become everyone’s favourite neighbour, and your property manager’s favourite tenant? Here are a few simple steps to help you gain the popularity you want among your neighbours.

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  1. Stay Clean – Keeping the area in which you reside clean, inside and out, is extremely important. Not keeping up on household chores indoors can quickly turn to dirty living conditions, and even more serious forms of filth like mold could form. This can be bad for your health and could make the apartment or home unlivable. When it comes to the outside of your rental, it’s just as important to keep this area clean. Storing indoor furniture inside and not on balconies helps the outside appearance looking nice. You should also keep personal items and trash out of shared spaces as it is common area and shouldn’t be used as personal space.
  2. Be Quiet – This doesn’t mean you have to treat your apartment or home like a library, but not disturbing your neighbours with unnecessary and excessive noise is not just polite; it’s required. Be respectful of other’s sensitivity to noise and do your best to not be the “noisy neighbour.” Not only will the people that live around you be appreciative, so will your property manager. The less reason you give your neighbours to complain, the less complaints the manager will have to handle.
  3. Be Friendly – Before anything, simply be a nice person to those you live with and nearby. Your property management company will appreciate your kind demeanor and patience more than you know. Plus, your neighbours may just become your new friends.


Being a good tenant and neighbour is more than just a nice gesture to the people living around you; it will make your life easier as well. Get on your property management company’s good side by being the most pleasant neighbour around.