What Makes A Good Neighbour


Living in a multi-unit dwelling takes patience and understanding.  You’re sharing walls with people you don’t know, and their noise and existence can end up becoming your nuisance.  This is where patience and understanding comes in.  Being a good neighbour means coexisting with the people that live around you, which means understanding what their circumstances are and your own as well.  So what exactly makes a good neighbour?

A landlord would be happy to hear that you’re practicing these good neighbourly habits.

  • Being Clean – Making sure that you’re not cluttering up the common areas, such as hallways, laundry rooms or patios, with your belongings is important.  Keep your belongings stored neatly away in your own designated area so as to not upset your neighbours and do not to leave things like shoes or trash outside of your front door as this can potentially create mess and odor.
  • Being Quiet – This does not mean you must be silent at all times within your own rental unit, but simply be conscientious of your neighbour’s noise sensitivity and take into account what time of day or night it is before you turn up the stereo.
  • Cleaning Up After Your Pet – This is one of the most important things you can do as a pet owner.  While you may think it’s okay to leave your pet’s waste in the grass because it is a natural fertilizer, it’s actually quite rude to do. Your pet’s waste could get stepped in and tracked into someone else’s unit, which isn’t fair to them.

Being a good neighbour simply means being selfless and aware of your neighbours and your surroundings.  Be the best neighbour you can!  Contact your landlord or local property management company to find out about the other ways in which you can be a great neighbour.