Tenant’s Responsibilities

In our most recent blog posts, we discussed tenant’s rights, and everything that comes along with a rental agreement.  While a lease has an extensive amount of information, it is important that you thoroughly read through it.  Not only is it helpful to know what you’re getting yourself into as far as financial commitments go, but it’s important to make sure that your landlord is on the up and up with their responsibilities too.  With that said, you as a tenant have responsibilities listed within your rental agreement to abide by as well.

Here are a few responsibilities that you are legally obligated to fulfill as a tenant.

  • Pay Rent On Time – While this might sound like a given, many people often default on this payment, or are late on their payments on a regular basis.  A part of being a good tenant means paying your rent in full, on time, every time.
  • Upkeep – While your landlord owes you certain repairs, and you are entitled to those repairs and safety measures, you also have an obligation to the upkeep of the property.  For example, everyday clean up is necessary.  Making sure foul odors aren’t emitting from your apartment or home is extremely important.  In the same right, keeping the outside of the property tidy is just as important as keeping the inside clean.

If you’ve lived on your own for a while now, these two responsibilities are a given.  But these are simply scratching the surface.  There are many more responsibilities that you have as a tenant, and if you’re unaware of them, you should contact your landlord or property management company in Toronto today.