Tenant Requirements

As a tenant there are many responsibilities you have as far as putting in time and effort towards your apartment.  For many property management companies, they have these requirements in their rental agreements.  So not only should you be doing things to keep your apartment in good shape, but it is actually a contractual agreement that you do so.  So what exactly is required of tenants in rental properties in Toronto?

  • blog36586mar15Overall Cleanliness – Failing to maintain a healthy living space with frequent cleaning can result in sickness and condemnation.  While it seems like a given to clean the apartment you live in, not everyone lives by the same standards.  Failing to maintain a well kept home can result in eviction.
  • Keep Common Areas and Balconies Clean – Common areas include the breezeways outside your door, or any other shared outdoor space by your home.  While it’s not your job as a tenant to pressure wash this area, it’s your job to keep it free of trash and other objects.  When it comes to your balcony, only patio furniture will be allowed, and it should never be used as storage.
  • Safety – Remember to always practice safe habits, shutting off heated objects and fireplaces is extremely important.  Never leave a candle or incense unattended.  A fire could be the result, and you could end up being responsible for other people’s losses.

Being a good and compliant tenant requires some effort.  It means that you have to be selfless, and able to coexist with other tenants.  It isn’t asking much, but the effort goes a long way.  If you have any further questions about your tenant requirements, be sure to contact a qualified and reputable property management company about the requirements for your building.