Should You Ask Your Landlord?

Moving into a new rental home or apartment is an exciting time.  If you think of your new place as a blank canvas to decorate, then it’s even more exciting.  A rental property doesn’t have to feel like someone else’s property, you can make it into the place you can call home.  You can do so by decorating, but it’s important that you talk to your landlord or property management company about what you can and cannot do to the property.


Decorating your rental property: what should you ask about?

  • Hanging Pictures – Oftentimes, photos or paintings can be hung without necessary approval from your landlord or property manager.
  • Hanging Mirrors and Curtains – Hanging mirrors or curtains may require a drill.  It’s important that you find the stud beams when considering doing this so that the items will be secured.  Typically, you don’t need landlord or property management approval for this type of project, but you should run it by them out of courtesy.
  • Mounting a TV – If you’re considering mounting a TV in your new rental, make sure that you’ve checked where the stud beams are because this will be a very heavy item.  This is not a project that should require landlord or property manager approval, but again, you should run it by them anyway.

**All the above decorative projects can leave holes in the walls which you will be expected to be repair upon moving out, or at least asked to cover the costs associated with such repairs.**

Being a good tenant means being in communication with your landlord or property management company, among many other things.  If you’re living in a rental property but want to spruce your place up a bit, make sure that you talk to your landlord or property manager about what you can and cannot do.  Stay tuned to our next blog for more information on what home improvement projects to ask your landlord or property manager’s permission for.