Landlord Responsibilities

blog3868mar7As a landlord and property owner, it’s important that you follow up with upkeep on your property. By law, you are required to maintain and repair certain aspects of the home or apartment.  This includes anything inside the property, as well as outside.  Of course, the tenant has responsibilities of their own to uphold, but as the property owner, you have a responsibility to keep the property that you own safe and livable.  Landlords have many laws to abide by, so what exactly are they required to do for the property that they own.

First and foremost the landlord should make sure that the property is safe to live in.  This could mean making sure the home is free of mold, or water damage.  It also means making sure that there is no structural damage to the property.  And while making sure the structure is safe to live in is a huge responsibility, so is the maintenance of the home.  Keeping up maintenance on the home means keeping up inspections.  The tenant should be given 24 hours notice before an inspection.  During an inspection, it’s a good idea to look out for things such as leaky and rusted pipes, air ducts that are dirty or damaged and it gives you an idea on how much time and effort the tenant puts into the property.  Another aspect of upkeep from the landlord means keeping the outside of the property looking nice. Failing to remove weeds and mow grass can result in fines, and it’s unsightly.

There are many more aspects to being a good landlord that keeps the property in its best shape.  Stay tuned to our blog for more information on landlord requirements.  And if you should have any questions, contact Bridgeway Property Management, your Top Rated Local® property management company in Toronto today.