Expert Property Managers

We provide property management solutions for property owners in Toronto.  For all of us here at Bridgeway Property Management, managing rental properties is what we do. We have over a decade of experience in the property management field. Over that time, we have fine-tuned proven marketing methods. We will market your property to a wider audience through a various number of local advertising mediums to maximize your budget and highlight your property’s advantages.  Two months before your rental becomes available, we will begin our advertising blitz to fit the best potential tenants to occupy it.  This way there are plenty of good candidates to choose from instead of having to settle for the least bad tenant available in a time crunch. As property managers, we understand that your property is an investment for you and that in order for that investment to pay off, it not only needs to have paying tenants but it also needs to have a great tenant who will take care of it.

dreamstime_xxl_27085664An empty property costs you and us money. However, we will not place a tenant in your property that has not passed our stringent tenant screening process. We know that there is no compromise and finding the right tenant for your property. We screen every applicant carefully, and it starts when they walk in the door for the first meeting. We consider important details like employment status and credit history, in addition to speaking with previous landlords to see that the prospective tenant paid their rent and cared for the property.