Did You Know? Ontario Fire Code.


Because a lease agreement can have many stipulations and clauses, there are many things that can get passed over when you’re reading your rental agreement.  Even more complicated, is working to understand exactly what you’re required to do, what you’re allowed to do, and not allowed to do as a landlord.  For instance, all rental properties are required to have a smoke detector, as well as a carbon monoxide detector for safety measures.  But that isn’t the only requirement.  One thing that both tenants and landlords should be aware of is that double cylinder deadbolts are not allowed.  Why is this?

  • The Ontario building and fire code does not allow it.
  • Insurance Companies will not cover a rental property with double cylinder deadbolts.
  • In the event of an emergency, doors need to be easy to get through with normal effort.
  • It is for ease of access, to avoid confusion.
  • It’s a matter of safety.  Making sure that your building is up to code is vital.  

When it comes to fire code, your responsibilities as a landlord are much more in depth.  There are many aspects to a property that will have to meet fire code requirements.  Whether it’s making sure that your building is equipped with the right safety equipment, or making sure that the doors and locks on your rental property are up to code as well, there is a lot to take care of.

If you’re interested in investing in real estate property, and need help with property management, contact the professionals and Bridgeway Property Management.  We’ll make sure that your property is up to code, as well as help to make sure every other requirement is met.  Contact us today!